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Real Customers. Real Conversations. Real Revenue.

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Inbound phone calls that bring interested customers directly to you.

Businesses from all over the world trust us to bring them qualified leads, reach their perfect customers, and increase conversion rates. Let’s see how we can help you find qualified, ready-to-buy customers with Pay Per Call.

What is pay-per-call marketing?

Pay-Per-Call or sometimes referred to as “Click-to-Call” is an effective inbound marketing strategy where advertisers pay publishers for a qualified call. The affiliate will display an ad featuring a unique number for the customer to call that will lead back to the advertiser's call center. The caller is a prospective customer for the advertiser, and publishers receive higher payouts for delivering calls instead of leads.

Real customers. Real conversations. Real results.

At Aragon Advertising, our Pay Per Call campaigns generate hundreds of thousands of calls per month across multiple verticals. Through our extensive affiliate network, owned properties, and internal media team, we filter through sources to find the right opportunities that match your business goals.

mThink BlueBook Winner #1 Pay Per Call Network 6 Years Running

What's new? Pay Per Call Central! Join our Facebook Group

We do Pay Per Call and performance marketing better than anyone in the business, and if you want to attract interested customers, we can bring them to you.


As a publisher with Aragon, you get access to hundreds of quality PPC offers to help scale your business. We offer the resources to help you create a custom campaign and find the offers that fit your business model and will earn you on-time, quick payments.



As an advertiser with Aragon, we understand you need customers to succeed, and we have seen the results inbound calls can do to help grow a business. We work with thousands of respected publishers from around the world who can help promote your product across their channels. Our support team will work with you to help distribute your offers, monitor traffic and transfers, and choose the best path that gets you the right buyer.

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Are you a reputable call center? For the past six years, we have established relationships with some of the world’s most trusted businesses and we manage millions of calls monthly. We know and have seen what kind of results inbound calls can have, and if you’re looking to buy our calls or sell us your calls, we are the team you can trust.

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