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Top Pay-Per-Call Verticals And Why They Matter

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As the #1 rated Pay-Per-Call network, we at Aragon have made it a priority to provide our affiliates and advertisers with a clear path to ROI in mobile marketing, especially in Pay Per Call. Pay-Per-Call works across a wide range of verticals. Here are the top three verticals that have shown the strongest growth and deliver the highest returns.


According to U.S. Census Bureau and the Federal Reserve, American households owe an average of $8,161 in credit card debt, and collectively $1.03 trillion is owed to credit card companies. Consequently, the average credit score of US consumers is 695, a credit rating of “Fair.”

To remedy this, credit repair and debt consolidation have become go-to options for consumers looking to improve their credit scores.


Insurance is a huge industry, but it encompasses all facets of life to mitigate potential risk for individuals. To reduce costs, consumers are increasingly shopping online to find the right insurance package. Whether it’s health or auto insurance, the Internet offers consumers a variety of ways to find the best insurers. With the vast majority of insurance companies offering services online, there is a significant demand for the details of an insurance policy to be discussed over the phone, making pay per call vertical extremely lucrative for knowledgeable agents that provide the best service to customers.

Home Services

Due to time constraints or lack of skills, many homeowners are increasingly hiring home service providers to help with tasks such as roofing, painting, and other home improvements. The home service industry is growing at a tremendous pace, and it’s worth over $400 billion as of 2018.

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As you may have noticed, digital advertising has come a long way. From the beginnings of obtrusive ads that used to clog the web pages, today’s advertisements are smarter. These modern advertisements take advantage of the most intuitive technology, running on several devices and allowing marketers to precisely target demographics with dynamic precision. These developments have created a treasure trove of opportunity for publishers and advertisers looking to increase their revenue streams. With Pay Per Call, active buyers are instantly routed to your phone without the overhead and uncertainty of prospecting.

Want proof? Consider the following:

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