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How to get the most from Google Ads for Your Pay Per Call Campaign

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Many companies spend their ad dollars sending traffic to their websites, but when sales are complex, prospects tend to call the company to ask questions. Those calls can yield tremendous ROI for businesses.

Pay per call is increasingly an important marketing tool.  According to Pew Research Center survey, over 68% of adults in America own smartphones (and 92% percent own mobile devices), up from 35% in 2011. This trend is the reason why many companies are spending more on mobile ads.

The proliferation of smartphones has led to the precipitous rise of mobile search. In 2015, Google launched call-only ads with advanced features to make searching and calling more seamless. This allows mobile searchers to click on phone numbers and immediately connect with businesses instead of having to navigate to website landing pages.

Companies big or small can benefit hugely from pay per call marketing. If you’re looking to drive more leads to your business, pay per call can be invaluable in helping you generate more profits from your marketing efforts.

Here is how you can make the most of Google Ads for Your Pay Per Call Campaign:


Write An Enticing Ad Copy

Google call-only campaigns require no website landing page, so crafting short, punchy ad copy is critical.

The problem with call-only ads is that there is little space to work with: you have to get your message across in 35 characters.  The solution is to write a headline that closely matches what prospects might type into Google.

Since changing ad copy costs nothing, you should keep tweaking and keep testing your copy until it yields desired results. To succeed with a call-only campaign, your ads need to be concise and highly targeted.


Set A Schedule That Works For You

Set your ads to run when you’re available to take calls. It’s no use generating calls you can’t take. If you’re paying $50 or more per call, the last thing you want to do is waste your ad dollars on calls you can’t take.

Google allows you to view key metrics such as peak call times and days, be sure to adjust your bids accordingly and ensure your ads appear during those peak periods.


Use The Right Keywords

One of the most critical steps in a call-only campaign is choosing the keywords to bid on. While you can utilize Google keyword planner to select keywords, you shouldn’t rely solely on the tool.

Broad search terms can be very expensive and may not necessarily result in high-quality leads. Instead, choose keywords that will most resonate with your target audience, these could be location-based keywords for prospects who want to visit your office or keywords that target customers who want to get quick answers or make purchases without further research.

Choosing keywords that will produce the most ROI can be a tedious process, but it’s worth it. Sales resulting from such efforts can yield a much higher ROI over time.


Track Call Conversion

With Google call-only campaign, you can track call conversion and get more information about which ads are driving the most sales.

Metrics like length of the call and click-through rate provided by AdWords will help figure out what’s working and what’s not as you seek to drive more relevant traffic to your business.







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