Aragon Advertising Voted As the #1 Pay Per Call Network Second Year In a Row

We’re incredibly honored and humbled to announce that Aragon Advertising has been voted the #1 Pay-Per-Call Network in the world the second year in a row.

Aragon entered the Pay Per Call marketing space through a partnership with Invoca in 2015. We created call marketplaces in the insurance and financial service industries, generating real-time phone call leads through digital and traditional media and routing those calls to businesses.

What we have learned most is building close relationships is essential to affiliate marketing success and managing real-time call flow requires close attention to detail that keeps our advertisers’ CPA low.

Thanks to the performance marketing model that creates a win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers, affiliate marketing is predicted to become a 6.8 billion dollar industry in 2020 – there’s no better time than now to get involved!

How Pay Per Call Marketing Works

Pay per call is an inbound marketing strategy in which publishers are paid by advertisers for every qualified call generated.

It’s an effective strategy to help advertisers reach their ideal customers and generate calls from shoppers who are ready to make a purchase.

The publisher will share a unique number with their audience to the advertiser’s call center. The call, or the subsequent sale, will be attributed to the publisher, who will receive a commission for the conversion.

What Sets Aragon Advertising Apart?

Aragon Advertising is a performance marketing agency with a focus on delivering sustainable results to publishers and advertisers.

Our CEO and co-founder, Todd Stearn, is a veteran in affiliate marketing. Our team is actively involved in events such as Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, and Mthink and is highly respected in the industry.

“Call marketing is one of the oldest forms of direct response marketing that, in the past decade, has built to new levels of prevalence thanks to advances in technologies which support call center operations and call marketing”, Aragon’s CEO Todd Stearn said. “Aragon adopted these technologies, and added TV, radio, and print advertising to our digital distribution portfolio to service our Pay Per Call clientele with a wide spectrum of media channels driving qualified inbound calls to their businesses.”

We have a global network of clients and publishers across a large variety of verticals so we can help our advertisers and publishers find the right fit to maximize their ROI.

We’re committed to helping our publishers effectively promote the offers from our advertisers. For example, by offering extensive support from our team of digital marketing, creative, and technology experts who are at the forefront of the affiliate marketing industry.

In addition, we’re constantly leading the way when it comes to new affiliate marketing strategies to ensure that we’re providing the very best guidance and support to our publishers.

For example, we started a personal finance website, The Money Manual, which went on to generate $80k in affiliate commission in a month. The site has grown to draw two million monthly unique visitors in just a year, largely on the back of an innovative content-driven media buying strategy. We now have a dedicated TMM team of in-house editors, media buyers, and account managers.

It’s a success that has proven the power of content marketing particularly in the personal finance and fin-tech space for both readers and advertisers.

Join Our Success

We’re always seeking great partners who can add value to our publishers and advertisers to join our network.

As a publisher, you can gain access to high-quality offers. Our team of experts will help you create custom campaigns, so you can scale your business most effectively.

If you’re an advertiser, you can access a global network of publishers who will promote your products to their audiences across multiple channels. Our team will be there every step of the way to help distribute your offers, monitor traffic, and transfers, and match you with the best publishers for your business.

We also work with reputable call centers to help our advertisers expand their reach and gain access to more prospects.

Learn more about our Pay Per Call affiliate network and join our success here.