7 Different Ways to Make Money with Tax-Related Offers Before April 15th

Tax time. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for the IRS and government. For everyone else, it’s usually a terrible time of the year, which often consists of filling out financial documents, hiring accountants or attorneys and even worse, having to write a check to Uncle Sam.

However, tax season doesn’t have to be all that horrible. For millions of businesses, brands and affiliate marketers, the weeks and months leading up to April 15th are actually be some of their busiest and most profitable.

Think about it… if everyone needs to file their taxes, hire accountants and pay money to the IRS, there must be a way to get in on the action and make some money for yourself. Accountants and lawyers don’t have to be the only ones cashing in!

With literally billions of dollars up for grabs, here are just a few of the most obvious, creative and effective ways to make money with tax related affiliate offers, products and solutions.

Start a Finance Related Website or Blog

Many of us already know how easy it is to start a new website or blog. The problem is getting all of the content together and actually getting some traffic and search rankings for it. If this is something you are already good at, you might want to consider starting a personal finance or tax resource blog, or even just a site with lists of the best finance related offers out there.

Just like how we mentioned everyone needs to pay taxes year after year, hundreds of millions of people have the same questions and tasks to complete year after year as well. Not only is this an easy audience to create content around, it’s also an evergreen market that happens year after year.

If you are going to create a finance site to help with these ongoing problems and questions that people have, make sure it’s extremely niche specific and very heavy on detail. There is a ton of competition in this space and you will really need to know how to market and promote the site for immediate and long term success.

In reference to monetization, you have plenty of options here. Some of the most effective methods would be having Google Adsense on the site, running tax related affiliate offers or even building a mailing list that you can send special tax savings and promotions out to (while earning a commission one each).

Promote Well Branded Tax Related Affiliate Offers

As affiliate marketers, we already know there are hundreds of personal finance and tax related offers to choose from. However, many of these are lower end offers that are just basic white label sites and lead gen forms that go on to sell the data to other lenders.

If you really want to increase conversions and see better numbers across the board, try your luck with any of the most popular companies and brands that are being promoted on TV.

With most of these companies shelling out millions of dollars for commercial advertising and catchy/annoying songs that get stuck in our heads, why not use that to your advantage? You’re audience is much more likely to act on an offer they’ve seen on TV or heard on the radio, versus some random one they just happen to come across.

Some of the best examples for these types of brands and offers would be The General Car Insurance, JG Wentworth, Optima Tax Relief and Turbo Tax tv commercials we see and hear all the time.

Walk Users Through the Process of How to Do Something

For the most part, the majority of people don’t know what their credit score is or even how to find out. There are also millions of people that don’t know what a mortgage is, how to create a bank account or even how to file their taxes online for the first time.

When people are searching for this information online, they want answers in the most simplistic form possible. For anyone with a website, blog or social channel, this is a perfect opportunity to show your audience how simple it is to complete each of these processes, while also implementing affiliate marketing into the mix as well.

Here are just a few simple ideas and tasks that could be turned into a video tutorial or advanced article guide.

  • How to start trading stocks
    (ie: etrade or ameritrade affiliate programs)
  • How to look up your credit score

(ie: creditkarma or freecreditreport affiliate programs)

  • How to get a new credit card

(ie: visa/mastercard/amex affiliate programs)

  • Where can I get $500 fast
    (ie: payday loan offers or bank loan affiliate programs)

No matter what your audience is looking for, there is likely an affiliate program or offer out there that can fit their needs. It’s your job to find the most reliable one, and using it to create amazing content for your audience that provides value and makes you money in the process.

This season… Look Forward to What Tax Day has to Offer!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make money with tax season and the many personal/business financial questions and tasks that come along with it.

We’ve only listed a few of the most common and simplistic ways to make money with affiliate marketing, but there is a world of opportunity out there just waiting for you to tap.

Read through each of our recommendations above and start to think about how you can target different audiences online that are looking for information in relation to paying their taxes or improving their personal finance, while also providing value in the process.