5 Quick Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversions Overnight

As affiliate marketers and publishers, we all know the importance of landing pages and how they can make or break our next campaign. Without them, we’d all be promoting the same generic affiliate offer landing page. The best affiliate marketers gain an upper edge on the competition when they not only target different audiences, but also create custom landing pages for each as well.

The good news is, no matter what the traffic source is or who we are marketing to, the landing page is simply the best way to make a great first impression while also catering your ad copy and images to that exact audience. It also makes for a great split testing tool as well.

With the importance of landing pages in mind, today we are going to cover five quick and easy tips to help further increase your conversions across the board.

Five Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions Immediately

Landing pages come in all different shapes and sizes, but there are some standards and recommendations that often universally increase conversions. Here are five that you should start playing around with today.

1 – Remove All Outbound Links and Unnecessary Navigation

When someone hits your landing page, there is only ONE thing you want them to do. And that is for them to act on the final call to action on your affiliate offer that you are promoting. To help increase conversions and eliminate distractions and people leaving your landing page, be sure to remove any outbound links and unnecessary navigation fields.

2 – Add a Phone Number and Contact Button to Your Landing Page

Improve the trust and branding of your landing pages by adding a customer support phone number and clear contact information. Most visitors to your landing page will never use this information, but it definitely helps with conversions and boosting the confidence of users on your LP. If you want to test for even higher conversion, try adding a live chat feature as well.

3 – Make Sure You Have Tracking Pixels and Remarketing in Place

Tracking pixels and remarketing are huge for landing pages. We already know most people aren’t going to convert the first time around, but thanks to the power of remarketing and third-party advertising, you can show ads to those users again at a fraction of the price. This method works extremely well when remarketing through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

4 – Split Test Different Landing Pages with Different Form Requests

Landing pages aren’t just for single clicks to affiliate offers any more. Now they collect user data, have forms and even sync up with social media platforms. Another great way to increase conversions on your LP is to split test different options for collecting user data. One quick idea is to divide up long pages with multiple forms and have a multi-page process with only a few fields on each. You might be surprised as how well this can increase conversions.

5 – Always Create Unique Landing Pages for Your Target Audience

As mentioned earlier, your landing page is ideally used as a presell and for customization with different audiences you might be targeting. Start off with one landing page, then as your campaign grows, start creating new ones with different colors, images and demographic targeting options. The more your critique and learn about your audience, the better the conversions will be.

Affiliate Offers are the Standard. Landing Pages are the Benefactor!

If you’ve ever run an affiliate offer, you’ve likely already learned your lesson about not sending traffic directly to the offer. In some cases this might work (for download, zip and gaming offers), but in most cases, it’s just going to kill your conversions.

Landing pages are the pre-sell and commercial advertisement for your offer to the end user before they are ready to take action. Implement each of these recommended landing page tips today and start seeing better conversions tomorrow.