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5 Landing Page Ideas to Inspire Your Next Campaign

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A landing page’s job includes helping businesses capture leads, to showcase products and services, or get prospects to make purchases.

Creating an effective landing page requires that you give equal attention to all its parts because any change to a landing page’s layout, text, image, color etc. can have a significant impact on the overall effectiveness of the page.

To be successful with landing pages, you need to continuously tweak and refine them. Plus, if your landing page is well-optimized, you’re going to see a huge boost in traffic, engagement, and sales.

While you can run a marketing campaign without having a landing page, in most cases you won’t be successful without one especially if you use affiliate links, Google’s Pay-per-click, social media, or other online channels to drive traffic to your website. With a landing page, you can improve your paid search campaign, generate data and insight, increase conversion, and grow your email list.

Creating an effective landing page can be a daunting task. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, here are five ideas to help you build a more robust and attractive landing page.


Simplify The Design

Simplicity is the hallmark of an exceptional landing page. Your landing page needs to be simple and easy to navigate for prospects, the simpler the layout, the better the results. A field or two will suffice. The more fields there are on your landing page, the harder it is to navigate. If your landing page is clustered with widgets, it becomes overwhelming for prospects to know where to click or what to do.

The reason why you have a website and social media accounts is to share information and acquaint people with your products and services, landing pages shouldn’t be used as such.  The primary goal of a landing page is to get conversions, any function or information that you include that don’t reinforce that purpose will only serve to distract and bemuse prospects.


Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

Asking too many questions can affect your conversion rate tremendously. Research has shown that the more information you ask prospects to submit, the less likely they are to convert. To increase the effectiveness of your landing page, you need to reduce the amount of information you ask prospects to submit. You want to make it easy for prospects to convert and not alienate them by requiring them to fill out long forms.


Write Compelling Copy

A headline is the first thing a prospect sees so you need to make it interesting. While writing your copy, keep in mind that most people don’t enjoy reading long sales pitches. So your copy needs to be concise and on point. Writing a compelling copy takes time and recurrent testing to achieve a desired outcome. You need to keep testing and tweaking your copy until you find success.


Add Testimonials And Reviews

With the proliferation of social media and online marketplaces, many consumers have learned that some of the best ways to filter sellers are through reviews and testimonials. According to a study, 88 percent of online shoppers trust reviews and testimonials almost as much as recommendations from friends and family members. So including some sort of reviews or testimonials on your landing page can give you a leg up and help establish trust with prospects.

To increase the impact of your testimonials and reviews, you need to include pictures. The saying that a picture’s worth a thousand words couldn’t be truer when it comes to making a testimonial or review more believable.

As a principle, always ask for permission before featuring a testimonial or review on your site. Featuring a fake testimonial or review on your website is not only a bad business practice but it can also lead to a lawsuit. If you can’t get a review or testimonial, simply highlight some of the work you’ve done in the past.


Include An Explainer Video

Since many people are visual learners, offering a short video of your products and services can be a powerful way to connect with those audiences.  A short video that explains the benefits of your products and services and the actions you want prospects to take can be very effective in driving sales and conversions.


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